Good design is obvious.
Great design is transparent.

CAPTIVATING, thought-provoking graphic design is everywhere. It influences how we act and react, how we view brands and businesses and most importantly, great design influences how and who we buy from. There are times when you just need to give your existing branding a new lick of paint or a general spruce-up, and then there are times when you might need a whole suite of branding assets for your new startup, to make your new business looks the best it can. As all design projects have different needs, I can provide your business with affordable and creative solutions to help you look great.

Print & Graphic Design

Your printed promotional material may be the first introduction to your company that a potential customer sees, and the look and feel of this printed material can leave a long standing first impression of your business. Ensure that impression will be memorable through professional, informative and cleanly laid out graphic design. Creative and innovative design is hugely important for the success of any business. You need your brand and company image to be instantly recognisable and also be consistent across multiple media platforms, from the smallest business card logo to a massive billboard adverting campaign. This needs to communicate a clear and cohesive message. Consistency in your brand reinforces trust in your brand.
As a professional graphic designer with 14 years experience, I can offer you original and innovative print, branding, advertising, and website projects that will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Print and Graphic Design services from Stephen Boyle Freelance Designer in Waterford.

Responsive Web Design

A well designed website will help you in promoting your brand or business online. I offer bespoke web design services to create clean and effective responsive websites designed to your needs, to make potential customers want to find out more about your brand.
I design and build user-friendly and engaging websites that work and look good at the same time. Your website is possibly your most important tool, as it’s visible 24 hours a day, all year round, and it needs to be accessible across desktops, tablets and mobile phones. It needs to be responsive.
All of my websites are responsive meaning that they will adapt to fit any browser, tablet or mobile device, ensuring that your users get the best possible experience no matter how they are viewing your site. Take a look at this site on all your devices or just resize your browser window. It works.

Responsive Web Design from Stephen Boyle Freelance Designer in Waterford.

SEO & Social Media

Just as important as creating a good looking web site, is the ability for new customers to easily find your site online. I design your website with search engines rankings in mind. I can go through your content and improve your copy, ensure your internal and external links are valid and working, and ensure your site can be indexed easily by the main search engines.
I'm a big advocate of integrating social media with your website to encourage social sharing, which will help drive traffic to your business. It's vital for businesses or organisations to have a consistent feel across your social media platforms. I can setup and link your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you only need to post updates on one platform.

Social Media Design and SEO from Stephen Boyle Freelance Designer in Waterford.

Branding & Identity

Your company logo can be said to be the single most important factor when it comes to building a recognizable brand and increasing customer awareness. If you take your business seriously your clients will too. I can produce contemporary logo designs to will suit your business, or update and modernize your existing identity, making sure it works across all media.
Your brand identity is more than just a logo though. It's all of the visible elements that include design, colour, typography, symbols, etc., that work together to identify and distinguish you from your competitors.

Branding and Identity Design from Stephen Boyle Freelance Designer in Waterford.

Content Management

If you are looking for that extra bit of control on your website, a CMS (Content Management System) website will allow you to update text, images and more from a user-friendly control panel. I use the WordPress platform, as I find it's highly customisable, easy to use, and has over 74 million Wordpress enabled websites worldwide.

Content Management using Wordpress from Stephen Boyle Freelance Designer in Waterford.